This site index should help you to navigate this review of BBC 911 output to reveal a picture of the issue quite unlike the one presented in the documentary and on the BBC web site.

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Time Frames

[Strategy of Tension]
[Power of Nightmares]

[Atta's Flying Circus]
[Purdue: Military Web]
[Orgreave: Miners Strike]
[Peace Corps]

[WTC Evidence]
[US Air Defence Fails]
[War Games]
[Pentagon Storyline]
[Laws of Physics Suspended]
[Pyroclastic clouds/dust]
[Prof. Cahill on nano-particles]
[Woman at impact point]
[Map F93 Debris Field]
[F93 Debris Field]
[Firefighters at Centre of Inferno]
[Academics challenge NIST][Purdue Military Web]
[Tales of Hoffmann]
[Hoffmann - on the payroll]
[Lt Col Steve O’Brien]
[Sceptics list]
[Politicians & military sceptics]
[Eye Witnesses/Family/Survivors]
[Ken Williams]
[Robert Wright]
[Sibel Edmonds]
[Coleen Rowley]

Links relating to the charge
that the

A. Gave inaccurate information.
[Independent scientists] [Steel melted]
[Air defence] [Physics] [Storyline]

B. Was partisan and biased. [Conflict of interest] [Interviewees] [Storyline]

C. Omitted key issues. [Omissions]

D. Deliberately confused and diverted attention from issues the key issues. [BBC Spin] [Storyline]

E. Made repeated ad hominem attacks on those that question. [BBC Spin] [Storyline]

The real agenda for 911 enquiry:

1. History of US intrigue with Islamic Jihadists. [Terror] [Gladio] [Storyline]

2. Warnings. [Warnings] [Storyline]
3. Hijacking/ air defence failure. [Air defence] [War games] [Storyline]

4. Laws of physics on Sept. 11th 2001. [Physics] [Storyline]

5. Breach of crime/accident laws - obstruction of inquiry.[Embargoed] [Storyline]

6. Prime suspects. [Dominance] [Storyline]

7. The aftermath: [environment] [personal] [military] [liberty] [Storyline]


"It's hard to imagine a more stupid or dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong or corrupt"
Anorak Notes

"There is a lot of explosive information in the main stream press but it comes out buried.
Paul Thompson [Complete 911 Timeline]

Site Map

[Home] Overview of the structure of the "911 Conspiracy File" in relation to the BBC Royal Charter. It questions TV licence holders "legitimate expectations" of a public funded body charged with providing accurate and impartial information about our world. Investigates possible external influence on the BBC.[Storyline] A virtual transcript of the BBC programme pointing out obvious conflicts with knowledge in the public domain with links to further briefing notes on this site and external specialist research sites. BBC commentary in "inverted comas" - grey typeface.[Index] To briefings, pages of supporting evidence, reference links and collateral stories. Sorted by category below.