Simon Connection

The BBC sets the tone. Dylan Avery (Loose Change producer) is introduced as a "self confessed drop out" - which Avery categorically denies saying or ever being. Avery and his partners are young men and the BBC spins this fact by showing them confidently strolling the "sidewalk" in their home town while Caroline Catz tells viewers that:-

[6:50] (CC) "To reach a global audience in the past you'd have needed the backing of a Hollywood studio. Now all you need is a "modicum of technical knowledge and a bargain basement computer."

Loose Change is thus devalued as a product of rebellious youth who got lucky with the new technology of the internet. Other 911 investigators question why their DVD documentaries, of similar quality and on largely the same questions, trailed far behind Loose Change in global coverage.

The question of backing and support for Loose Change may be relevant in understanding deeper machinations in the September 11th story. The BBC’s focus on and dismissal of Loose Change and its creators raises more questions regarding compliance with the BBC Charter obligations for impartiality and accurate reporting.

" .... needing the backing of Hollywood studio" - Like so many statements made by Caroline Catz this just does not fit with information in the public domain.

Loose Change credits a Deborah S. Simon for special thanks (for providing footage and other help) in producing Loose Change. Simon told AFP that she even handed out copies of the video in front of the White House.

Who is Deborah Simon, and why is she helping produce and promote Loose Change?

Deborah Simon (nee Cox) is married into the billionaire Simon family of Indianapolis. The family owns the Simon Property Group, Inc., which boasts as being the largest USA real estate company. The Simon family owns, develops, and manages more than 280 shopping malls in the United States and 50 similar properties in Europe and Japan.

Melvin Simon, the Brooklyn-born founder of the company, also owned a Hollywood production company and produced more than 20 films. Simon is remembered for such films as Porky's, Love at First Bite, and Zorro, the Gay Blade.

This is circumstantial evidence but telling and relevant. Readers can now investigate further to judge the relevance of this information omitted by the BBC.

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