Follow the money?

[the sources of financing] after all is a matter of no great importance."

9/11 Commission Report.

The BBC fails to mention insider
dealings on futures markets.

A lot of money changed hands as those that knew the attack was coming bet on its outcome.

Michael Meacher MP – Ex UK Minister for the Environment, Industry etc. The 9/11 Commission Report " ... was a 580-page avoidance of any serious explanation. … The report says the US has never been able to find the sources of financing for 9/11. And then they say 'That after all is a matter of no great importance.' I find that astonishing. It is a matter of absolutely central importance. There was a great deal of evidence. It seems extraordinary that the United States with its stupendous military capabilities, the most technologically advanced country in the world, completely and totally failed to follow up on these leads."

William McLucas - Former Securities and Exchange Control enforcement chief said, [Investigators will] “certainly be able to track down every trade”

CBS News reported that the afternoon before the attack alarm bells were sounding over the unusual trading on stock options

United Airlines sell options were 90 times (not 90%) but 90 times above normal between Sept. 6th and 10th and 285 times above average on the Thursday prior to 911. CBS News Sept. 26th 2001

Lynne Howard - spokeswoman for the Chicago Board of Exchange - that’s the futures market - “We would have been aware of any unusual activity .... there is an automated system; “blue sheeting” ... it provides information on the trades ... the name and even the social security number” ... the member firm who made the trades has to have identifiable information about the client under the “Know Your Customer” regulations.

Andreas von Bulow - ex German parliamentarian estimated profits from the 911 insider trades were in the $ billions. $15b has been suggested.

Common sense tells us that it would have been foolish of al Qaeda to jeopardise the planned attacks of 911 by betting on the futures market. Al Qaeda would have known the CIA operates PROMIS software that monitors financial markets precisely to gain warning of potential attacks. So who could have been so audacious?

Deutsche Bank turns up throughout post 911 financial investigations. Deutsche Bank is linked to dealings with al Qaeda, bin Laden and George Bush when he was involved with insider dealings relating on his own company, Harken Energy, just prior to the first Iraq war.

A former Bankers Trust Deutsche Bank executive, Kevin Ingram pleaded guilty, just before 911, to laundering drug money to finance terrorist operations linked to Osama bin Laden.

On top of all this, Buzzy Krongard, no. three Executive Director at the CIA was formerly Vice Chairman of Bankers Trust Alex Brown, now part of Deutsche Bank. He dealt with the seriously wealthy in banking operations identified by US Senate investigations, as being closely related to laundering drug money.

The BBC failed to inform viewers of this publicly available information.

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