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Dear Lawyers,

I am writing after viewing your web site and reflecting on the concerns you cover. I am familiar with many of the issues in which the Haldane Society is involved and which are regrettably not appropriately reported upon by corporate news and media. I am focused on the main channels for creating false perspectives and misinformed opinion on these and other matters of grave importance.

The BBC is a powerful player in this arena and I have long been concerned with the apparent unaccountability of the Corporation in their reporting of world events. It is in respect of the Royal Charter obligations and opportunity for actual enforcement of the obligations, that I am seeking contact with professionals qualified to consider the possibilities.

I hope it is within your remit to consider my cause.

I have created a digital review of a BBC documentary about an event that has changed the cause of history and cost many lives as well as created a living nightmare for an unimaginable number of people. The review is an archive of notes and links to reports in the public domain that are in serious conflict with the BBC output. Access review at:

The subject on which the review is based is a difficult one. Due to a constant repetition of key words by the global media it can immediately close peoples minds to the information presented. At least in Europe and America, where many class those that question the official theory of 911 as “conspiracy theorists” thus dismissing serious consideration of the evidence.

The questions I ask in the review are in respect of the Charter obligations and public statements published on the Corporation web site. The complaint is not primarily an analysis of 911 events although it fundamentally challenges the BBC reporting of the events.

On the key Charter issues of: 1) accuracy 2) impartiality and on breach of promise on fair play, the BBC is a self regulating body and not overseen by OFCOM.

It is on these breach of trust issues that I wish to challenge the BBC. I believe I have a legitimate expectation that the Corporation should abide with its Royal Charter obligations and its public pronouncements.

The law of “legitimate expectation” has been used twice to my knowledge in an attempt to bring local and national public servants to account. Primarily I’m interested to understand if it may apply to the BBC Trust members and/or the management.

Any other use of law to bring the BBC into compliance with the Charter & Trust obligations would also be of interest. If you could advise and/or redirected me I’d be most grateful.

Kind regards ...

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