There are innumerably gagging orders on witnesses and would be whistle blowers. Gags, bribes, then threats silence all but the most determined. But the most determined get little air time.

"When even one American -- who has done nothing wrong -- is forced by fear to shut his mind
and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril."
Harry S. Truman

Sibel Edmonds:
Has faced the fear. Compelling story.

Ken Williams: FBI Phoenix Memo.

Robert Wright: FBI

Coleen Rowley: FBI

The Truthtellers: Coleen Rowley, Jesselyn Radack, Ann Wright

National Security Whistleblowers Coalition


Jill Dekker.
‘I feared I’d end up dead in the woods like Dr Kelly,’ says biological warfare expert who criticised Britain and U.S.

Those who blow whistle on contractor fraud in Iraq face penalties

"You’d think a guy who helped bring down a corrupt congressman would get the thanks of a grateful government." ... "But you, of course, would be wrong."

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