911 Campaigns/Forums UK

Eight years on and the list of voices questioning the official story just keeps on growing. In the UK there are regional and national campaigns and "Truth" forums working to raise awareness of the contradictions and falsehoods of the official conspiracy theory.
The most visited UK site run by Tony Gosling. News of a wide range events and links to many campaigns each with their individual focus.
Calls for an new independent inquiry into all aspects of the 9/11 attacks. Lobbies MPs, media and academic institutions.
911 Based with wider analysis of psychology, perception management and allied issues. Interesting archive video clips.
Activist network. 911 based with interest in the developing police state claimed as necessary to defend against terrorism.

There are a number of other groups/web sites/individuals, many focus on the unexplained or just imagined issues from UFO's to crop circles and assassination hit squads employing cancer/virus promoting methods to control dissidents. One's head can end up in a spin if you venture down these dark and bizarre passageways.

Seeing the BBC in it's true light, as a purveyor of distortion, false history and misinformation, is regrettable much easy to prove. The BBC offers a prime target for challenging misplaced and treasonous authority and offers the best opportunity, if the BBC Charter can be enforced and the present management brought to account, for quality journalistic research to uncover the truth about so many issues clouded in mystery.

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