War Games

"There happened to be a routine defence training exercise taking place that day".
Caroline Catz - the voice of the BBC

There were five or more “exercises” and “military manoeuvres” underway on the morning of September 11th. This was exceptional, not routine. The statements of [NORAD] (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) are still contradictory as are comments by senior military officials.

The web sites below cover the "War Games & Military Exercises" issue in Sept 2001. What these sites bring to our attention is the vast amount of information "in the public domain" that convincingly contradicts the BBC's misleading remark - "there happened to be a routine defence training exercise taking place that day".

Many military and political observers consider that the unprecedented number and range of exercises an important issue. The odds against such an extensive number of exercises, including [Tripod], taking place at the same time as an exceptional cluster of terrorist hijackings are considerable. These exercises included the hijacking of civil airliners and the use of aircraft as weapons against prominent US locations.

A similar strange coincidence happened on 7th July 2005 when an anti-terrorist exercise covering three or more London Underground stations coincided with the bombings at the exact same stations. This bizarre coincident was briefly reported in a TV interview by Peter Power, managing director of Visor Consultants, who was running the exercise. [LINK]

911 Military Exercises. Co-operative Research, 911 Timeline

War Games

War Games

War Games

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