Public record of warnings to the United States' Government of an attack on mainland America. Some warnings specifically concerning the use of civil aeroplanes as missiles.

Key Warnings to the US from governments & intelligence services etc.
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August 23, 2001: Mossad reportedly gives the CIA a list of terrorists living in US; at least four 9/11 hijackers are named.

According to German newspapers, Mossad gives the CIA a list of 19 terrorists living in the US and say that they appear to be planning to carry out an attack in the near future. It is unknown if these are the 19 9/11 hijackers or if the number is a coincidence. However, four names on the list are known, and these four will be 9/11 hijackers: Nawaf Alhazmi, Khalid Almihdhar, Marwan Alshehhi, and Mohamed Atta. [DIE ZEIT (HAMBURG), 10/1/2002; DER SPIEGEL (HAMBURG), 10/1/2002; BBC, 10/2/2002; HA'ARETZ, 10/3/2002]

August 23-27, 2001: Minnesota FBI agents ‘absolutely convinced’ Moussaoui plans to hijack a plane; they are undermined by FBI headquarters.

Minneapolis FBI agents

“desperate to search the computer lap top”

Moussaoui might

“fly something into the World Trade Center.”

In the wake of the French intelligence report (see August 22, 2001) on Zacarias Moussaoui, FBI agents in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are “in a frenzy” and “absolutely convinced he [is] planning to do something with a plane.” Agent Greg Jones tells FBI headquarters that Moussaoui might “fly something into the World Trade Center.” [NEWSWEEK, 5/20/2002; US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, 11/2004, PP. 153 ]

Minneapolis FBI agents become “desperate to search the computer lap top” and “conduct a more thorough search of his personal effects,” especially since Moussaoui acted as if he was hiding something important in the laptop when arrested. [TIME, 5/21/2002; TIME, 5/27/2002] See [Whistleblowers]

August 30, 2001-September 4, 2001: Egypt warns Al-Qaeda is in advanced stages of planning significant attack on US.

According to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian intelligence warns American officials that bin Laden’s network is in the advanced stages of executing a significant operation against an American target, probably within the US. [ASSOCIATED PRESS, 12/7/2001; NEW YORK TIMES, 6/4/2002

September 7, 2001: French give ‘very specific information’ about possible attack on US soil.

The French newspaper Le Figaro will report in late 2001 that on this day, “According to Arab diplomatic sources as well as French intelligence, very specific information [is] transmitted to the CIA with respect to terrorist attacks against American interests around the world, including on US soil.”

(6:00 a.m.) Sept. 11th:

Two hours before attacks, Israeli company employees receive warnings

Two employees of Odigo, Inc., an Israeli company, receive warnings of an imminent attack in New York City about two hours before the first plane hits the WTC. Odigo, one of the world’s largest instant messaging companies, has its headquarters two blocks from the WTC.

April 2000: Would-be hijacker tells FBI about plot to fly plane into US building

Niaz Khan, a British citizen, is recruited into an al-Qaeda plot. In early 2000 he is flown to Lahore, Pakistan, and then trains in a compound there for a week with others on how to hijack passenger airplanes. He trains on a mock cockpit of a 767 aircraft (an airplane type used on 9/11). He is taught hijacking techniques, including how to smuggle guns and other weapons through airport security and how to get into a cockpit. In April 2000 he flies to the US and told to meet with a contact. He says, “They said I would live there for a while and meet some other people and we would hijack a plane from JFK and fly it into a building.” [LONDON TIMES, 5/9/2004] .. [Complete 911Timeline]

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