F93 Debris Field

The BBC screens Alex Jones stating the empirical, on the public record, account of events "the FEDs are on record reporting an 8 mile debris field" but then neither investigates nor comments on his statement. Instead they create a specious and highly manipulative cameo with Mayor Lichty on Indian Lake.

[32:00] (CC) "And this is where it was reported wreckage was found. There was talk of parts of a wing and engine. If debris had been recovered here it would provide strong evidence to support the conspiracy theory because it's claimed Indian Lake is nearly 7 miles from the crash site. Journalist and 911 investigators have come up with the distance by typing the two locations into search engines and used the results in their articles, 6.9 miles."

Wreckage was reported found at numerous locations, not just Indian Lake.

[32:32] (CC) "It does seem to check out, but the road goes the long way round. In a straight line Indian Lake is just over a mile from the crash site and the wind was blowing in that direction."

The screen fills with a "drama documentary" clip of a rural road blended with a shot of a map to visually reinforce the BBC focus on distance to Indian Lake and their misinformation that debris from F93 was only found there.

Local maps show the BBC is wrong about the distance. The edge of the lake is more than "just over a mile" from the crash site and the residential area on Indiana Lake and marina are even further away. [Map]

[33:15] Brenda Wasson "It was just scraps of paper and insulation that had blown there on the wind."

[33:25] (CC) "On the internet and in the media the story that it was much more than this, heavy debris, had been circulating unchecked for 5 years."

The news reported by local newspapers, and quoted on the internet, mainly focus on light material, paper, books, plastic and metal scraps over a wide area. However the BBC choses to reinforce its false claims of - "talk of parts of a wing and engine" - as it allows Wasson and Lichty to create a "straw man" to be knocked down.

This makes a mockery of the BBC's obligation to "accuracy". More links can be found at the bottom of this page to public source information to show this cameo is theatrical propaganda of the most shameless and duplicitous kind.

Alex Jones statement stands. You can read the public record of events. Debris was found at various locations up to 8 miles away. Why did the BBC not investigate?

Caroline Catz interviews Barry Lichty and Brenda Wasson. They talk of light scraps floating down on the lake and ground. They don't indicate exactly where - BUT other residents reported
“It just looked like confetti raining down all over the air above the lake”
Carol Delasko of Lake Marina
"a rib bone amid pieces of seats, small chunks of melted plastic and checks"
John Fleegle of Lake Marina

Even if it was "just over a mile", one questions whether bits of melted plastic and bone are the kind of things that lift from a crash site to "blow" over a ridge in a few minutes, which is the sequence described. But there again, did the engine assembly blow almost 2000 feet on the wind? New Baltimore is 8 miles away and debris was found there as well as other locations.

Mayor Lichty is quoted in a telephone interview as saying “We found a few small pieces of sheet metal ..... They were about the size of bolts.” In the same article a resident is quoted saying it was like “acorns hitting the house”. Mike Faher. Tribune-Democrat Somerset Bureau [Link]

Can sheet metal get "blown on the wind"? Is the BBC "investigation" serious or is it using a peripheral event to divert attention from the central issues and mislead viewers into believing that those questioning the official explanation are fatuous "flawed souls" ?

Once again the BBC, rather than seriously investigate the issues, presents a fatuous clip that spins the "official theory" of both F93 and of the character of those that question.

[33:43] Mayor Lichty "I'm not sure we will ever be able to totally dispel all of the opinions and rumours that have come from this."

33:52] Guy Smith "You think that it will be talked about and speculated over for years - decades to come" ?

[33:57] Mayor Lichty "Oh I think there are people who will never change their minds because there is no way to really truly prove it because 92 - 93% of the remains of the aircraft and people are still in that hole."

If that were so why didn't the coroner or the FBI dig them out. It was a crime scene. Planes are recovered from hundreds of feet beneath the sea.

The BBC fails to find reports that the [FBI claim] to have recovered 95% of the aircraft.

[Crash site] [Local newspapers] [Eyewitness accounts]
Crash debris found 8 miles away
By Debra Erdley
Friday, September 14, 2001

A south-easterly wind and a 3-year-old’s keen eye brought the crash of United Airlines Flight 93 home to a family in tiny New Baltimore borough, more than eight miles from the Somerset County crash site.

Three-year-old Hunter Stoe was helping his father, Andy, with the trash Wednesday night when he spied a slip of paper on the grass near the trash can.

When Andy Stoe glanced at the paper, ready to toss it in the trash, he saw it was a charred payroll check made out to Antonio B. Costa of San Jose, Calif.

Investigators now concede the cancelled check and a portion of a charred brokerage statement Stoe found nearby on Thursday afternoon are from the crash: [More]

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