Is nothing the safest thing to do -
Or is that the most risky?


But who am I to tell you what to do? I'm just the man on the Clapham omnibus taking note of the world as it goes by. But as Edward Hale said "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I will do". So sorry to seem urgent and imploring - I am concerned about our future so I will ask - what will you do?

You could:
Lobby the Parliamentary body overseeing the BBC.
Consider the potential power of a TV licence boycott.
Charities and funded bodies could investigate the law -
Legitimate expectation may be one route to Judicial Review
If you're not already active, investigate, agitate and stimulate debate.
Tell your MP that "informed consent" must be based on truth not lies.
Check out UK 911 campaigns and forums [More]
Television is the most powerful tool in informing humanity. Our concept of reality is largely formed in TV’s comforting glow. The BBC is predominant.

That’s why we have the BBC Charter
It is supposed to protect our rights

If you firmly believe that our BBC should be impartial, accurate and non manipulative - then please let our politicians understand your commitment.

With very little effort

You can start applying pressure on the BBC by calling on the chair and [members] of the Culture Media and Sport Committee (which monitors the Corporation) to bring our nation’s broadcasting corporation to account. The chair is [John Whittingdale] MP. You only need to write a short letter. Copy and paste from examples [Here] and [Here]

You can be powerful in asserting your rights
If you hold a TV licence then you could include this in your letter to John Whittingdale.  [Licence boycott law] a dissidents view.

See here [TUPC] for "People Refusing to Pay" - campaign to dissent by refusal to hold a TV licence.

To exert real pressure and force authority, our representatives in power, to face the evidence of major breaches to the Royal Charter that bring shame and disrespect on the BBC and all it has stood for in the past. To accept the BBC management investigating themselves is like accepting serial arsonists in charge of a fire brigade's investigation department.

Don’t cash in your licence, just send it as a statement of objection, with a declaration of intent - not to buy a TV licence until the BBC conforms to the Royal Charter. It's a process that, like a snowball rolling, will go on getting bigger. How many need to rebel against the licence fee? We’ll see. We are not alone.

Calls to boycott the licence fee

There are several separate calls to return the licence and refuse to renew over various issues. See NOTES below.

Even without a licence fee rebellion it was taking two years and more for the licencing authorities to make the first front door contact. You have a choice then on how far to take your fight. Remarkable it is a criminal offence to fail to pay the licence fee and fines can be £500 upwards. See this [Telegraph] article of  March 2012.

When thousands of people refuse to renew their licence the Government and the Corporation will have difficulty ignoring citizenry demanding a free and fair BBC that abides with its Royal Charter and its promises to the public.

Enforcing the licence fee is difficult.
It’s a lengthy and expensive process for the licencing authority to take someone to court even when the authority has evidence that a TV is present and capable of receiving broadcast signals. At a time of great uncertainty for the future of the BBC we are offered an opportunity to build bridges with the thousands of honest BBC staff committed to professional and truthful reporting.

A boycott action will strike at the roots of the one of the major problems of what we call democracy - a lack of a clear accurate overview of world political events.

Information on [licence boycott law] explaining the legal process. Believed, as of March 2012, to be reasonably sound. The law does change to reduce further our rights, so be on guard.

Contact details to assert your rights

John Whittingdale MP Chair of Culture Media & Sport Committee
House of Commons
7 Millbank
London SW1P 3JA
John's Parliamentary Assistant can be reached on 020 7219 3557.

Personal web site:

Committee web page

If this Monitoring Authority site disappears the issue will continue. Anger at BBC machinations is growing. Society needs your to co-operation. We all need to understand more of how our world is governed. The BBC communicates authority’s deceptive message to the masses - us. The evidence shows it is not honest nor straight forward. We need the truth to arm us against intrigue and to power a positive change towards a brighter future.

The C.A.L. believes that the Television Licence Fee, which British citizens are forced to pay by law, is unjust and unfair. Every year people are imprisoned and fined on the strength of this archaic law. These people are mostly the poor and disadvantaged in our society. It is a matter of shame that this sort of thing still goes on in the 21st century in what is supposed to be a civilised and democratic country.

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