Index to TYO complaint & appeal to the Trust

This post is for serious students of the BBC complaints procedure.

The key to understanding the correspondence covering the complaint and its rejection lies in remembering that the process is designed to befuddle, demoralise and enervate the complainant. "Editorial Guidelines" are  claimed to enshrine the requirements by which the complaints unit must consider the complaint from first stage, through the Editorial Complaints Unit second stage and then the Trust Editorial Standards Committee (ESC).

The "Editorial Guidelines" are used to evade complaints of bias, inaccuracy and deliberate engineering diversionary or fictitious reports to support a partisan  interest. The BBC cherry picks the points to consider then moves the goal posts of the Editorial Guidelines to claim that impartiality and accuracy demands were satisfied given "due consideration" of the context of the programme.

To date the final letter has been from me to the Trustees appealing the Editorial Complaints Unit's rejection of my charges. In reality the ESC will no doubt tell me that they are satisfied with the ECU findings.

1. Appeal to BBC Trust to review ECU finding: 29th April

3. Analysis of ECU reply to supplementary: 7th April

4. Supplementary response & ECU reply: 21st March

7. Response to summary of my complaints: 10th Feb

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