Politicians & military sceptics:

An insight into the level of dissent can be gauged from a visit to Patriots Question [Link]

A selection of comments to spark interest:-

Lt. Col. Karen U. Kwiatkowski, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret) – Former Political-Military Affairs Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Also served on the staff of the Director of the National Security Agency. "The Commission failed to deeply examine the topic at hand, failed to apply scientific rigour to its assessment of events leading up to and including 9/11, failed to produce a believable and unbiased summary of what happened," ....

"It is as a scientist that I have the most trouble with the
official government conspiracy theory,
mainly because it does not satisfy the
rules of probability or physics”
Lt. Col. Karen U. Kwiatkowski

Senator Mark Dayton – Former U.S. Senator from Minnesota 2001 - 2006. Member, Senate Committee on Armed Services and Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Services said, "They [NORAD] lied to the American people, they lied to Congress and they lied to your 9/11 Commission"

Congressman Ron Paul, MD – Candidate for Republican nomination, 2008 Presidential election said, “We see the investigations that have been done so far as, more or less a cover-up and no real explanation of what went on. - The truth is I don't know exactly all that transpired .... but there's reason to be very suspect of what's happened.”

Mahathir bin Mohamad, MD – 22 years Prime Minister of Malaysia - doubts that the collapse of the World Trade Center in New York was actually caused by terrorists crashing planes into the towers. “I can believe that they (the United States) would kill 3,000 of their own to have an excuse to kill 650,000 Iraqis. These are the kind of people we are dealing with."

Paul Craig Roberts, PhD – Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under Ronald Reagan, "Father of Reaganomics", Former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal wrote, “.. the 9/11 Commission Report is a hoax" and .. the 9/11 "terrorist attack has been manipulated to serve a hegemonic agenda in the Middle East."

Lt.Col Robert Bowman, PhD. Director of Advanced Space Programmes under Presidents Ford and Carter said, “the official story, the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is a bunch of hogwash. It’s impossible .…”.

Raymond L. McGovern – Former Chairman, National Intelligence Estimates, CIA, responsible for preparing the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. 27-year CIA veteran. Former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer wrote, "I think at simplest terms, there’s a cover-up. The 9/11 report is a joke."

Andreas von Buelow, PhD – Former Minister of Defense of West Germany said, "The planning of the attacks was technically and organisationally a master achievement. To hijack four huge aeroplanes, to drive them into their targets, with complicated flight manoeuvres! This is unthinkable, without years-long support from secret apparatuses of state and industry." ........ "The official story is so inadequate and far-fetched that there must be another explanation."


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