Allyn Kilsheimer

Allyn Kilsheimer is so closely "connected" that the Pentagon Comptroller (Dom Zakheim) didn’t bother with contracts when millions of dollars were at stake. Kilsheimer is "on the firm" thus influenced by an immense conflict of interest.

Masonry Magazine report by Tom Inglesby

"We actually purchased the blocks out of the quarry and had drawings made of the stone and fabrication before we had a signature on a contract."

Immediately after the firefighters had the fire under control, the PenRen program manager, Lee Evey, started to plan the rebuilding of the Pentagon. With smoke still coming from the damaged section, someone suggested the new program be called The Phoenix Project, from the Greek myth about the bird rising from the ashes. The name stuck. With a handshake commitment from everyone, the plan was agreed upon: E-ring at the point of impact would be ready for business as usual by September 11, 2002.

Kilsheimer has close connections with the Pentagon and Dept. of Defence going back decades

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