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The review is three separate but interlinked blogs. The more you click the deeper you will go into the issues.

[Home] Overview of the structure of the "911 Conspiracy File" in relation to the BBC Royal Charter. It questions TV licence holders "legitimate expectations" of a public funded body charged with providing accurate and impartial information about our world. Investigates possible external influence on the BBC.

[Storyline] A virtual transcript of the BBC programme pointing out obvious conflicts with knowledge in the public domain with links to further briefing notes on this site and external specialist research sites. BBC commentary in "inverted comas" - grey typeface.

[Index] To briefings, pages of supporting evidence, reference links and collateral stories. Sorted by category below.

[Links/thanks] List/description of external sites and commendations to all that have contributed
[Film] .List of films available on the internet to free view or purchase

[Comments] Make your comment or suggestionto the author

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