Re-Enact the BBC CHARTER

We have borrowed the future from our children - what legacy will we leave them if we are not accurately informed to steer the ship of state on a safe & sustainable course?

What if

the BBC covered the issues that concern you -
accurately, impartially & without deceptive spin

Do you agree that TV is a powerful educational tool ?

& that

The BBC is a dominant force in shaping
our perception of reality

That's why we had the BBC Charter to guarantee informed consent based on truth not lies. It was supposed to protect our rights - it doesn't - period.

For news and current affairs programmes the key charter obligations on accuracy, impartiality and freedom from subliminal manipulation - the BBC is accountable only to itself.

There is extensive evidence showing that on key issues the BBC is inaccurate, unbalanced and exploits techniques that plant false impressions in the minds of listeners and viewers without them being aware of what has occurred. These are grave contraventions of the Royal Charter.

This (will be) is a single issue web site. The only changes will be additions to the scrolling list (at launch) of organisations a right hand panel & individuals listed on a [Citizens Page]

Clicking the image will link to their site.

The organisations and individuals hosted on the Re-enact site work independently on their own specific issues to expose the BBC Trust's shameless audacity in flouting the Royal Charter obligations.

Independent Accountability:
The organisations and individuals listed are however all unified in calling on parliament to re-enact the Charter and to make the BBC genuinely accountable to the British public.

What form could "independent accountability" take to be broadly acceptable as genuine?

This is the most important question for a multicultural society divided by class and vested interest. The answer will form a significant part in forging the key to a brighter future.

You can add your voice to the chorus of individuals and organisations committed to a trustworthy & professional British broadcasting service - a service that parliament voted to provide through the BBC.

There will be at maximum one e-mail progress report monthly from the administrator. E-mail addresses will not be shared or used except for the monthly report.

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