WTC Evidence

World Trade Center Evidence

The BBC ignores or skates over the most pertinent recorded physical facts, photographic / video evidence, firefighters' & air traffic controllers' reports - just some of the mountain of empirical evidence waiting for answers.

Some unexplained evidence and questions being asked:-

How can three steel framed buildings disintergrate into their own foot print at free fall speed, leaving only heaps of fragmented rubble, dust and 20 ft long steel columns? [More]

"The largest piece of a phone I found was a small piece of a key pad"
A fireman questions the evidence he encountered during clear-up at the WTC

How could the floors above the impact zones have turned to dust?
forming [pyroclastic clouds] seconds after the collapse had started and yet at the same time managed to exert incalculable downward pressure in an absolute vertical path i.e. through the path of greatest resistance, to have made all the lower floors collapse whilst at the same time floating over Manhattan?

[13:55] The BBC shows us (CC) "three floors of the World Trade Center compressed into a slab three foot thick" in a fraction of a second. The BBC does not explain.

Where did that massive amount of energy come from?
to turn 3 floors into the slab and the rest of the towers into [pyroclastic clouds] normally only witnessed at volcanic eruptions when the "crushing weight" was suspended in the enormous clouds of debris, so clearly visible in all the pictures.

How can dust exert such massive pressure?

How can this suspended weight of dust exert such massive pressure that every joint, every reinforced concrete slab, every steel column, every girder just gave way in a fraction of a second, floor by floor, all the way down to sub basement level -

Where did the energy come from to create pools of molten iron?
that were still being uncovered in the clear up weeks after the collapse?

Why were there "impossibly" micron size dust particles?
that can only be created by volcanic or explosive reaction [More]

See links to photos, videos and massive amounts of information from the scientists and engineers, architects, demolition experts seriously challenging the official tale. [Links]

And then there is the audio/photographic evidence of people in both towers close to the impact/failure point just moments prior to collapse.

A woman is photographed trapped at the point of impact
on the North Tower, just moments before it collapsed. [Photo/More]

Two firemen who braved their way to the 78th floor of the South Tower
report that the fires were minor. Listen to Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer, who was organising the evacuation of injured people with Fire Marshal Ronald P. Bucca. [More]

How could these firefighters and a woman be at the centre of fires, allegedly so intense, that they fatally damaged structural steel over entire floors of the towers?

Why did the BBC miss this telling evidence?

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