“Full Spectrum Dominance”

America’s war fighting plans target friend or foe in peace time, crisis or war. Information Operations are cited as critical for military success.

To have the BBC, with all its worldly prestige, uncritically supporting the 911 Commission Report whilst drubbing dissenters would be a major accomplishment.

The USA is currently the only superpower. Is it following historical precedent of previous imperial powers in utilising every tool that can be harnessed to maintain its status? Does this include instilling fear of an enemy to convince their own population to acquiesce or support their project?

Our TV, radio and newspapers function mostly as the mouth piece of authority. This media, that informs citizens of news and current affairs, is central to instilling acquiescence to war. It is said that the "First Casualty of War is Truth" but could the lies - the management of our perception, be an ongoing programme to maintain power in the hands of the already powerful?

The history of false flag military operations and terrorism, used as a means of inflaming popular sentiment for
war and restrictions of civil liberty, is well documented. However this record of evidence, challenging the official statements on violent incidents that have shaped history, is largely unreported in mainstream media. [More]

While the drums beat and the flags wave, quieter minds may question. But most people get locked in by what is perceived as the “truth” and pulled along as much by the “public mood” as by the difficulty of investigating the issues.

Censoring dissent or denouncing questioners as traitors, fools or the ambitious self serving is always a favourite in dividing and weakening opposition to power. Instilling acquiescence to government action is therefore as important as rallying support for front line military operations.

Is the BBC a tool for US “Full Spectrum Dominance” ?

Foreign media are clearly targeted in a secret 2003 document entitled [Information Operation Roadmap.pdf]. The Council on Foreign Relations' web site notes that the Roadmap, “details the US military's information operations, including psychological operations, electronic warfare and involvement in foreign journalism”. [More]
“Information, always important in warfare, is now critical to military success”
IOR. Information Operation Roadmap

What Are Information Operations?

"The integrated employment of the core capabilities of Electronic Warfare, Computer Network Operations, Psychological Operations, Military Deception and Operations Security, in concert with specified supporting and related capabilities, to influence, disrupt, corrupt or usurp adversarial human and automated decisions-making while protecting our own." IOR - p22

Radio/TV/Print/Web media designed to directly modify behaviour ”. IOR Appendix C Distinguishing Tasks (IOR emphasis mine)

America’s war fighting policies target friend or foe in peace time, crisis or war. IOs or “Information Operations” can aggressively manipulate all populations for the furtherance of the administration’s plans.

Is there evidence that the BBC, uniquely among major broadcasting networks, has been excluded from this master plan for American dominance? ... How might a BBC programme on 911 dissent fit their war plan?

To have the BBC, with all its worldly prestige, uncritically supporting the 911 Commission Report whilst drubbing dissenters would be a major accomplishment.

Admitting minor intelligence "mistakes" and blaming SNAFU under pressure might seem a challenge to the outgoing Bush administration
and their close allies in the "War Against Evil Doers" - the British, but it is minor compared to the case that a growing community of dissenters seek to place at the door of those responsible. So the outcome of the "BBC 911 Conspiracy File" must have been a highly successful outcome for US information operations.

There is no definitive public source statement that discussions took place between BBC employees and foreign security services. But does the BBC's choice of Davin Coburn at Popular Mechanics and Christopher Hoffmann at Purdue University seem convenient for the White House?

The most apparent link is Dr. Alok R. Chaturvedi, Purdue University and the steadily expanding computing community based there. This includes, the Department of Computer Sciences, Discovery Park, the Rosen Centre, the Computing Research Institute, the Krannert School, all richly funded by the US government via Department of Defence, NSF, Office of Naval Research, DARPA, Homeland Security etc.

Alok Chaturvedi is a key figure who works alongside Christopher Hoffmann, the “boffin” who created the “game boy” computer visuals that so impressed the BBC.

Chaturvedi is a Professor in Purdue University’s Krannert Graduate School of Management, the Department of Computer Sciences and the Founder, Chairman, and the CEO of Simulex Inc., a modelling and simulation company located in Purdue Technology Park. Simulex develops and markets SEAS/SWS and derives most of its revenue from the Department of Defence.

SWS is
a war gaming and surveillance modelling system to evaluate the opinion, understanding and mood of targeted populations. It guides military deployment of psychological warfare resources, propaganda campaigns, censorship, false flag operations and much more. [SEAS] Synthetic Environments for Analysis and Simulation is the parent system.

Chaturvedi is the technical lead for US Department of Defence's SWS project, Sentient World Simulation. Dr. Chaturvedi is the founding Director of Purdue Homeland Security Institute and has also served at the Institute for Defence Analysis (IDA)

To date it is claimed that 62 countries have been “modelled” in SWS. It is expected that the UK along with other NATO countries would be central to the knowledge base that is derived from data mining. [Wikipedia]

SEAS/SWS is now deployed by [USJFCOM J9] for ongoing exercises. This includes [Noble Resolve] about a loose 10 kiloton nuclear weapon.

If you have not heard about this real life incident in 2007 when 6 nuclear armed cruise missiles “got loose” from, we are assured, the most secure military establishment this world has even seen, don’t be surprised. The media hardly reported the event described in one of the few reports as “unprecedented - nobody remembers another incident like this” Barbara Starr CNN Pentagon Reporter quoting military officials. [More]
.. [Video clip]

Asked how the movement of the six "nukes" could have occurred without alarms being disabled, Lt. Col. Jennifer Cassidy, public affairs spokes person at the Department of the Air Force said:-

“It’s an intriguing question, and it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

The commercial media has hardly reported the controversial questions about Sept. 11th. Nor the B52 incident. The BBC has marched in time with the same piper. What happened to the independent, professional and reliable BBC or was it wishful thinking? Do the [Israel/ Palestine] and [Orgreave] incidents and now the Conspiracy Files reveal just the tip of an iceberg of wishful thinking about the BBC’s reliability?

Is the human species so gullible, so powerless, so easily diverted that a national institution, our BBC, can be stolen from the people without a fight?

Consumers are readily giving up their personal information to web sites such as MySpace and Facebook and it is accepted that credit card, bank, e-mail and telephone transactions are being constantly monitored by the NSA globally via Echelon, most notably GCHQ in Cheltenham England. We are CCTV'ed constantly, except on terrorist outrage days when for some reason few work.

We can joke - "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you". But it's not a stretch of the imagination to think that the SWS project is utilising this information. There is an echo from the past. [More]