BBC bias/inaccuracy

In the 1985 Miners Strike the BBC reversed the sequence of events at Orgreave. The BBC broadcast "news reel" showing miners throwing stones provocatively at police then a "response" with mounted police baton charging the demonstration, which included women and children. The truth is the police charged first. It took six years to get the BBC to accept it had re-cut the footage to grossly misrepresent the events on the day. They have not apologised. It was a key moment in history: [More]

In 2004 [Glasgow University Media Group]
published “Bad News From Israel” painstakingly detailing the tremendous bias in favour of Israeli government policy. A BBC internal enquiry was held acknowledging the complaint but making specious excuses. That misrepresentation of events continues.

These are major political events; gross injustice is being whitewashed out of history; people's lives are being destroyed. The attack on America and the wars in the Middle East are similarly spun by commercial media networks. The BBC, a public body with a duty to accuracy and impartiality,
does likewise. This is treason and may be "High Treason" because we have to ask:

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