BBC Complaint Record Sept. 2011

This is the record of my complaint to the BBC about their coverage of the events of 911. The focus is the updated of the "911 Conspiracy File" first broadcast in 2007. The tenth anniversary programme is entitled "Ten Years On".

1. Brief history of the three months I sent attempting to get the BBC to acknowledge my complaint.

2. My complaint presented to the Editorial Complaints Unit [ECU] headed by Colin Tregear. This is know as the second stage of the complaints procedure.

3. ECU Summary of my complaint.

4. My response to the ECU Summary. (i) My covering letter  (ii) Annotated comments to the ECU Summary.

5. ECU "clarification" of the complaints process.

6. ECU "Verdict" on my complaint.

7. My initial response to the "Verdict"

8. My first supplementary response to the "Verdict" (Mineta, Scoggins etc.)

9. ECU response to 8. (my first supplementary)

10. My analysis  of  9. (ECU response to my first supplementary)

11. My second supplementary (concerning Allyn Kilsheimer)

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