Spinning Conspiracy Theories

Censoring dissent and denouncing questioners as traitors, fools or the ambitious self serving, is always a favourite in dividing and weakening opposition to power

Ad hominen attacks
on dissidents permeate the hour. In subtle ways the BBC paints people that question the official conspiracy theory as flawed souls needing a pat on the shoulder and a sedative. The promise of the BBC to "separate fact from fiction" never materializes.

In place of expert independent scientific opinion the BBC presented 14 pro Bush Administration interviewees most of whom make snide comments about people that question the "official" explanation of events.

The condesending asides fall into two categories:

1) That questioners were flawed dreamers seeking attention and

2) Questioners were selfishly inflicting mental cruelty on grieving relatives.

Timed clips/ flawed souls
Timed clips/ mental cruelty

The BBC Charter states:

(v) (l) (refraining from use of techniques which exploit the possibility of conveying a message to viewers or listeners, or of otherwise influencing their minds, without their being aware, or fully aware, of what has occurred)

From the beginning the BBC sets the tone. Dylan Avery (Loose Change producer) is introduced as a "self confessed drop out" - which Avery categorically denies ever saying or being. Avery and his partners are young men and the BBC spins this fact by showing them confidently strolling the "sidewalk" in their home town while Caroline Catz tells viewers that:-

[6:50] (CC) "To reach a global audience in the past you'd have needed the backing of a Hollywood studio. Now all you need is a "modicum of technical knowledge and a bargain basement computer."

"Backing of Hollywood studio" Like so many statements made by Caroline Catz this just does not fit with information in the public domain. [Simon connection]

From here on the smearing of questioners as unreliable gossips picking up false information and repeating it without investigation, echos through out the entire hour.

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