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Dr Chaturvedi, the originator of SWS, insists his goal is a depersonalised likeness for each individual, rather than an real ID. If your town census records your birth date, job title, and whether you belong to a 911Truth group, SWS will generate what Chaturvedi calls a "like someone" but not with the same name.

The Department of Defence, FBI, CIA etc. - the funders and customers of the SWS system - could have a different opinion.

Homeland Security House Sub Committee Nov. 2007 [More]

Architects & Engineers for 911Truth placed on terrorist suspects list.

It is worth recalling a previous “data mining” operation that ended tragically.


In the 60’s and 70’s the US Peace Corps employed largely innocent well meaning young N American students to work in third world countries on development and training projects in deprived areas. The students had to produce a record of their work detailing community endeavours listing the prominent activists working for social change.

When their project was completed they filed their reports with the Peace Corps HQ who handed the information to the CIA. It later transpired that the CIA passed on the “activists” names and addresses to the relevant national intelligence services who duly notified the local death squads of community targets.

A whole generation of committed social activists were wiped out.

Thousands met with a grizzly death as the Ford Falcons (donated by the US government) cruised the poor suburbs, shanty towns and rural villages

The victims were ordinary citizens seeking social justice, nuns, priests, development workers and honest journalists. Opposition to N American appointed dictators from Chile and Argentina to Guatemala and El Salvador was eliminated.

This is not a conspiracy theory, check the [Evidence]

Of course it could not happen here ... could it? Well, excluding Ab Grave and Guantanemo and all the Homeland Security detention centres that have been built across N America.

Evolutionary biologists/psychologists suggest that a great talent inherent in our species is dishonesty. We should more fittingly be called Homo fallax (deceptive man) not Homo sapiens.

We deceive ourselves as much as others as a way of dealing with uncomfortable truths and getting on with the main genetic objective i.e. playing the evolutionary game of producing and rearing the coming generation. Has shopping replaced some of this visceral drive in “developed” societies?

Have the better off been lulled into a false sense of security? the middle classes complacent and self satisfied consumers? Have the less well off aspiring citizenry been hypnotised with envy and desire?

With only a few days food supplies in the shops, lorries and distribution centres of our “last minute” economy, and just a few weeks of fuel at refineries, then who can say how citizens of London, Paris or New York will react if something unprecedented happened?

The US military would have a good idea as they have been “modelling” human behaviour with Purdue University software and hardware systems. Sgt Cupp says “cut of their water .... revolution ...

The US Intelligence services will know how we, the people of the Sunday newspaper tomes and the “educational” BBC, will react because they have “modelled” us.

For the few who will have read this far and seek justice in this deeply troubled world then having an honest, impartial and educational (in the true sense) public service broadcaster must be the first requirement in changing our world.

Thus far, despite the un-vanquished determination of a few dedicated souls, the pyramid of power remains untroubled and their manufacturing of history continues. How deeply involved in a conscious sense are strata in the BBC’s management only persistent and determined inquiry will tell. But it’s true to say:-

“If we always do what we have always done we will always get what we have always got”

and who said “give me control of a man’s life line to his and his family’s food, shelter and security then I have enslaved, in all but name, the majority of human kind and the rebels will be betrayed by the willing hungry” ?

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