Situation Normal All Fu*ked Up

The fog being pumped to cover-up the cracks in the US administrations explanation for the attack on America in September 2001 consists of "the dog ate my home work" excuses.

"Freedom's untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things."

"stuff happens"

D Rumsfeld Defence Sec.

The Pentagon is blaming the CIA - the CIA criticises the FBI - everyone suggests the White House is being less than honest and covering up "blunders".

Even the whistle blowers cite bureaucratic or empire building maladministration rationals for "intelligence failures".

No one explains why the intelligence services function effectively most of the time only to stumble at specific points and surrounding specific issues, most notably the 19 men led by a man in a cave in Afghanistan and the support network surrounding them. We are told the US Intelligence Services just happened to function as part of that support network because of inter-agency disputes, rivalry or overwork.

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